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Energy Clearing | Home Clearing & Blessing Regimen, created by  Kim with Awaken Gratitude provides cleansing, healing and protection over your sacred environment. Kim’s spiritual journey has led her to the realization that the important spaces you inhabit are as much a part of you as your physical body and human energy field. These areas experience constant vibrational shifts that significantly impact your life. One of the most effective ways to address environmental changes is to perform The Home Clearing and Blessing Regimen.


This kit provides Healing and Protective energy to yourself, your home, your spirit, & your loved ones. All sets are cleansed, & handmade with Reiki-infused energy, love & good intentions.


Performing a Home Clearing and Home Blessing ceremony is crucial to cleansing any and all spaces of negativity, darkness, pain and grief. Conversely, this intentional act provides balance, positivity, gratitude and bright white light.

These rituals are present in almost every culture, dating back generations. When you utilize The Home Clearing & Blessing Regimen, you conduct a similarly powerful and commemorative event. The primary goal of dispelling negative, compromising energy is evident when you experience a fundamental shift in the atmosphere. It’s a beautiful and freeing occurrence when stagnant, oppressive energy dissipates only to be replaced with vibrant, spiritually-enhanced energy


When to bless/clear a space:

  • When your home does not feel good
  • Predecessor Energy is active
  • When moving into a new or existing home
  • When seeking a newness of light and energy
  • To sell your home or business
  • When you have ghost or spirit activity
  • After a divorce or separation
  • After a death
  • After acts of violence

Energy Clearing | Home Clearing & Blessing Regimen

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