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See Also:  Master Reiki Healer. Spiritual Healer. Mom. Employee. Wife. Essential Oil Lover. Nature Enthusiast. Dog's Human. Yogi sometimes. Go-Getter.  Organization Freak. Passionate Soul. 


I envision a world where every person heals naturally and lives a life of freedom filled with love, light, peace and from fom endless hours and dollars in health care.

It’s not okay that we live in a world where the norm is to have a disease or be burdened with depression, anxiety, or chronic fatigue. 

It’s not okay that we are made to feel we need to take toxic medicine to cover up our symptoms rather than fix the problem/energy.  It's not ok that we would rather put effort into easy than our into our energetic health.  We are powerful, loving, and smart beings & healing our energetic self will lead us toward a higher vibration.

THIS is what I’m working to change.

Kim Juen of Awaken Gratitude

I’m a Reiki Master Practitioner and Spiritual Healer.  I  am passionate about helping people heal naturally through body, mind, and spirit.  I am with you on your journey and I stay with you to help you succeed.

Kim with singing bowl

I look at physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual health as inseparable aspects of holistic healing. I work with you, through this perspective, to overcome long-standing harmful habits & self-sabotage, from a place of natural letting go & the true effortlessness of connecting with your natural self. Ultimately, helping you live a life of natural healing and love.

I’m here to tell you that you CAN heal naturally  and your life CAN change if you decide it will.  There is a force inside of you that has all the answers. 

Professional Bio:


Kim Juen is a Master Reiki Practitioner & Color Therapist, Spiritual Healer and founder of Awaken Gratitude and Awaken Gratitude Essential Oils.


With her unique healing/coaching approach that addresses mind, body, and spirit, Kim specializes in helping people look within for healing, connecting to their higher selves & releasing the self-sabotaging beliefs that keep them from creating the health and freedom they desire.   


Kim works with people one-on-one all over the world via phone & virtual sessions, as well as in-person. 


If you are looking for more personalized support on your health and healing journey, Kim is the one to reach out to. She makes a personal commitment to every client's success, & it is her number one mission in life to make sure every person she works with feels highly supported, completely safe, & incredibly cared for. 


Please book your healing session if you're interested in further natural healing.

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