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Aura Cleansing and Personal Aura Purification Regimen. The Personal Aura Purification Regimen created by Kim with Awaken Gratitude is, an all-encompassing set of personal aura energy cleansing tools; each is handmade, receiving Reiki-infused energy, love and good intentions. Traditionally used in South American indigenous cultures as part of sacred rituals, every piece is integral to dispelling stagnant, negative or chaotic energy from one’s aura.

Energetically, everything that happens, such as thoughts, actions or emotions, can be held in our energy aura. Arguments, illness, chaos, heaviness, negativity, traumas and other unsettling energies can linger around us, disturbing the harmonious balance of our energy and space. The Personal Aura Purification regimen includes everything needed to restore and bring about balance and peace into your bodily ambience.


Energy clearing helps to clear the negativity in your mind and perform aura cleansing, helping to maintain a positive attitude in life.  To maintain a healthy energy flow, it is vital to ensure the uninterrupted flow of our personal energy. Energy clearing is a crucial step towards achieving this. 

This uplifting practice can easily be incorporated into your daily or weekly routine; it may also accompany any meditative or healing methods. Everything is energy: our thoughts, our words and our actions. Clearing unwanted energy makes way for new flow and abundance.

Clear your personal aura with these Reiki-infused quality products and lean into your spiritual progression. Find peace, calm and clarity in your daily routine and thinking.


Trust your intuition and wrap yourself in intention as you Awaken Gratitude.

Aura Cleansing | Personal Aura Purification Regimen

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