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Essential oils & meditation are some of my most powerful tools beyond nourishing food, for a life lived joyously & healthfully. I truly believe EVERYONE in the world needs to have quality certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils in their home & understand the basics of how to use them. 


That's why... 


We are always teaching free online essential oils classes for anyone & everyone to

learn about the medicinal & emotionally supportive uses of essential oils.


Choose from the upcoming online classes and log on by clicking on the link below. 

                   Every Thursday

                  7pm MST(8pm CST/9pm EST/6pm PST)

Register for an Online Class by using the below button


               Be sure to connect with me after viewing a class and learn about my

                                            special promotions for new members

You can also just request to join my Facebook Group: Healthified U! Experience Essential Oils,

and get all the class updates there. 


Please feel free to share this class with anyone you know who might benefit from this information. 

Want to Book a 30-minute FREE phone call to learn more about

 how to get started?

About Me

Hi I'm Kim, owner and founder of Healthified U!, health coach. 

I wasn’t always the person I am today. I had a terrible relationship with myself. I felt overwhelmed. I felt exhausted. My hormones were out of whack causing mood swings & high anxiety. Food had control over my thoughts & me. I didn’t like who I was or how I looked.  On top of that I accumulated a collection of autoimmune diseases.

I wanted to be healthy & happy, so I tried all the diets in the book. Then I berated myself for my lack of willpower when they didn’t produce the results I hoped for. Never feeling like I was enough: good enough, pretty enough, or healthy enough. And NEVER reaching the healing I was looking for in my body.

I’m here to tell you that there is a way.  A way to eat intuitively.  A way to move intuitively.  A way that your body craves and NEEDS.  You are enough. 

Through some very BIG lifestyle changes and experiences. I found my way out of this self-loathing hole. My mission in life is connect women with the health they deserve.  To help them find the healing and love that we all have inside of us if we just let ourselves tap into it and inspire them to live from that place of Self-Love. 

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