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Home Clearing & Blessing Ceremony

Energy Clearings & Home Blessings use energetic vibrations from within to call out to the universe for any and all positive forces, inviting beings of love and light (Angels) to accompany you all on your journey. Energetically, everything that happens in a frequented place, such as thoughts, actions or emotions, can be held there. Arguments, illness, chaos, heaviness, negativity, traumas and other unsettling energies can linger, disturbing the harmonious balance of your space. 

This uplifting practice of an Energy Clearing or Home Blessing Ceremony performed by Kim of Awaken Gratitude is designed to introduce a sacred spirit into the place you call home. Everything is energy: our thoughts, our words and our actions. Clearing unwanted energy makes way for new flow and abundance. Home blessings bring families together creating new energy that brings calm and enlightened spaces while leaving you with peace of mind that you are residing in the clear and positive energy.

Energy Clearing

Blessings are always important for achieving a balanced environment; they are especially essential when you intend to sell/buy a home, after the loss of a loved one, after significant life events, after each new year or important anniversary and before special events.

Home clearing & blessing ceremonies will leave your home feeling clean, balanced and full of fresh, new energy. You will experience a ritual crafted especially for you that provides a unique way to set your intentions for the refuge you wish to create.


Incense, candles and the elements of earth, fire, water and air may be used. Often, pets and special pieces of furniture/mementos that hold special meaning will be blessed. Your home is your soft place to land, a space of rest and nourishment, a respite from the world.

The Home Blessing Ceremony is a beautiful way to add meaning to your personal sanctuary lighting the way for you to Awaken Gratitude.

This investment includes:

• Phone consultation

• Unique and intuitively-designed clearing plan based on your needs and intentions

• On-site space clearing and blessing ceremony

• 2 weeks follow-up email support


*Price includes travel time & associated costs to locations within a 30-mile radius of Rochester, MN- Additional fee will be assessed if travel outside of the designated area is needed


*The Home Clearing & Blessing Ceremony may be performed at a distance if an in-person ceremony is not possible. Your space receives the same level of clearing and positive energy as it would with an in-person blessing.

weekly home blessing
home blessing prayer

Real Estate Professionals-Landlords-Property Management Groups-Commercial/Residential Builders

Many professionals welcome Kim with Awaken Gratitude to perform The Home Blessing & Clearing
Ceremony. Once the ceremony is performed, properties tend to sell very quickly; it’s reported even difficult properties that were on the market for many years often sell within days following the ritual.

The effects of a Space Clearing and Blessing are profound:

  • The energy in your home, office or any other location shifts significantly, vibrations raise and there’s a noticeable change in the air.

  • Your space feels calm, comfortable and joyful.

  • The area is blessed and infused with an abundance of positive, protective energy.

  • When a home clearing is complete, there is an immediate energy shift; the home seems to come alive as if it has taken a refreshing shower.

  • The property is cleansed, freeing the energies of the builders, previous owners and occupants.

  • Key lines, vortexes and energy portals channel the pure, white energy which inevitably impacts the land. The area surrounding your home will flourish as the ties that anchor energy to the past are released.

Part of the clearing process includes clearly-defined intentions created to attract the ideal buyer with desirable financing, thus ensuring that the escrow process concludes without obstacles. The overall objective of the clearing is to repair the energy field, aligning it with the most harmonious energy flow.

When to bless/clear a space:

  • When your home does not feel good

  • Predecessor Energy is active

  • When moving into a new or existing home

  • When seeking a newness of light and energy

  • To sell your home or business

  • When you have ghost or spirit activity

  • After a divorce or separation

  • After a death

  • After acts of violence

Home Clearing or Blessing may include:


  • Involvement of all family or occupants

  • Pets are encouraged to be present

  • Instructions to all participants

  • Energy clearing and smudging

  • Home blessing in each room

  • Spraying of Reiki infused Lavender water for infusion of light and love

  • Sound clearing techniques

  • Blessing or symbol to hang in the home

  • Protective and light-gathering stones for the home

  • Protective barrier around the outside of the space

  • Reiki energy clearing of the home

  • Smudging of each individual/pet in the space

  • Smudging/clearing tools for maintenance

Less Than 2,800 ft²: $350
More Than 2,800ft²: Contact Awaken Gratitude for Personalized Quote

Real Estate and Business Clearings
Less Than 2,800 ft²: $300
More Than 2,800ft²: Contact Awaken Gratitude for Personalized Quote

Home/Business Clearing & Blessing Ceremony Consultations
The Session is conducted remotely via Zoom or phone and is intended to help you perform your own blessing or clearing.

Book The Home Clearing & Blessing Ceremony and receive 22% off
The Home Clearing and Blessing Regimen.
This kit provides you with all the tools needed to cleanse any space of negative,
dark forces that no longer serve you only to be replaced with vibrant, spiritually-enhanced energy.

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