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Toxin-Free Living

$75 50 minutes

Toxin-free living starts with an open and receiving mindset.  When we focus on the balance of our spiritual

emotional and mental lives, it only makes sense to address the physical side.  Ridding the body of negative and

harmful toxins can open our energetic spaces for more balance and receiving of spiritual growth.

Learn what to look for

Learn how to tell which products are non-toxic and safe, and which ones to avoid! I will guide you through the essentials.  Find trusted brands that will allow you to make easy decisions.

Overhaul your home

Overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? I will guide you through the process to create a more non-toxic home.

Help the planet too!

A loving side benefit of a non-toxic home -> your home will become more sustainable and eco-friendly!

Peace of mind

No more worrying about the harmful chemicals in your home. Feel confident in your new, healthy space, which leads to healthy energy.


It's not easy changing a lifestyle! I’m here to support you and keep you on track.

Creating a non-toxic home can be simple!

What if you didn’t have to worry about what toxic chemicals were lurking in your make-up, your shampoo, or under your kitchen sink? What if you felt confident that your home was free of harmful chemicals? I can help you through the process in a fun and informative way!

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