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Water; a Building Block of the Body

Summer brings heat and activity, which means sweat! 😓 Our body loses a lot of water through sweat. Even if we don’t “sweat” a lot, hydration is EXTREMELY important! Did you know up to 60% of the body is made of water? That in itself is pretty eye-opening. However, let’s break it down a little bit shall we?

The Journal of Biological Chemistry tells us the brain and heart are 73% water and the lungs about 83%. The skin is composed of 64% water and the kidneys are 79%, and even the bones are watery at 31%. Does this tell a story for you? Our bodies need us to replenish the water!💧

Not all of this water needs to come from drinking liquids, it comes from food🥝 also.

So what is it that the water does in our bodies when we consume it? It does MANY things such as being a VITAL nutrient to EVERY cell and acts as a building material. Water helps regulate body temperature through sweat and respiration. It helps metabolize and transport carbs and proteins in our bloodstream. Assists in flushing toxins through the urinary tract. Forms a shock absorption layer for the spinal cord, brain, and fetus. In addition, water forms saliva and lubricates joints.

WOW! Did you know all of that? Pretty amazing right? It’s pretty clear that there wouldn’t be any you, me, or Max the dog 🐶without the existence of water. Our bodies are made up of a good amount of water and the water’s ability to dissolve so many different substances, which allows our cells to use those nutrients, is vital to our body’s function.

My tricks to getting water in are:

Keep a water bottle🍼 with me at all times

Drop in 3 drops of CPTG citrus🥝 essential oils in a glass or metal water bottle to boost the flavor and assist in the toxin removal. My fave is Clementine!

Mark off ✔️how much water I am getting during the day in order to mentally see how much I am actually getting

Incorporate carbonated water once a day to help with variety

Try to get my water intake done by 7 pm in order to head off the nightly bathroom trips

What are your tips for getting your water in? Have you tried CPTG citrus oils in your water?

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