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Sleep Schedules and Routines

Keeping a sleep schedule is important to support the body’s internal clock.🕖 I know, I know…..I was the same way. I like to stay up and watch tv or read because I’m busy with the fam until late. Or I have so much to do I can’t get to bed earlier. Truth is, we all have the same amount of time and we just choose what to do with it. I choose to sleep and support my body. I made that choice and have stuck to my sleep schedule as best I can.⁠ You won’t feel your best😫 if your body’s internal clock is not regular. This interruption can cause moodiness, drowsiness, mood swings, headaches, concentration and memory problems, a decline in cognitive skills, and lack of healing.⁠ Listen to your body when creating a sleep schedule. If you would rather stay up late, make sure you sleep longer in the morning or if you like to wake up earlier, hit the sack sooner.⁠

Shutting off your brain and signaling your body that it's time to rest is key in getting a good night's rest!

There are several options you can choose from when creating a sleep routine. All of them are helpful and will help put the body in a relaxed state.

1. Stick to your sleep schedule! Pick your sleep and wake times and be consistent. Start getting ready for bed BEFORE your scheduled sleep time. Give yourself enough time to utilize some of the below options to help relax your body and mind.

2. Essential oils are key to allowing the body to wind down and stay there! Every night I use Serenity, Breathe and On Guard in my diffuser as well as a linen spray on my sheets and pillows. You can diffuse them, roll them on the soles of your feet, take them internally if they are CPTG oils and spray them on your linens.

Some of the most common oils for sleep are Serenity, Vetiver, Lavender, and Breathe.

3. Find some relaxing physical routines to help promote rest and relaxation.

  • A toxin free skin care routine not only is relaxing but will allow your body to release toxins more freely throughout the night

  • A long hot soak in an Epsom salt bath with some relaxing essential oils such as Serenity and Balance is a great way to reduce tension and ease the mind.

  • Try some bedtime yoga or stretching. There are lots of free ways to enjoy these options on youtube. My favorite pose is legs up the wall!

  • Heated bags are great for relaxation. Try a lavender filled bag over the eyes and a cherry filled bag under the neck or low back.

  • Weighted blankets can be helpful in providing comfort and reducing anxiety while sleeping.

4. Try eliminating electronics 30-60 minutes before bed . No television, no cell phones or iPads. Also, you can try to utilize blue blockers throughout the day to eliminate the blue rays that have been shown to disrupt sleep.

5. Utilize electronics for listening. Listen to a book on kindle or other app.

  • There are sleep apps that will actually tell you bedtime stores(yeah no kidding!). Insight timer has some really great free meditation apps for better sleep.

  • Listen to some relaxing music.

6. Environment can be key in creating a solid sleep space.

  • Make sure the room is dark. Invest in black out shades and/or curtains.

  • Use white noise machine or a fan to create a constant sound environment.

  • Make sure there are no noise interruptions. Turn of alarms from cell phone messages and apps.

  • Pets - while we love them, they can be distressful on our sleep! Keep pets out of the room if possible while you sleep. Other wise try to keep them off of the bed or as comfortable as possible so they are not disturbing your slumber.

All in all, making your schedule and routine consistent will allow your body to know what to expect and when to prepare for rest. What does your sleep routine and schedule look like?

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