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Taking on the AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) Diet, or any food plan

I have been on MANY different types of food plans. Some for the sole purpose of losing weight. Remember the cabbage soup diet? Or the fruit and rice diet? The no carb diet? UGH! Well, they all have one thing in common. You HAVE to plan and be prepared and have the right mindset.

The AIP diet is no exception. This diet is a list of foods that have been shown to cause the least amount of autoimmune reactions in the human body. Everyone is different and their list may be fluid. The goal with this list is take out foods that cause reactions, let your body reset and then reintroduce foods at a very methodical, slow pace to then determine what foods are causing reactions. Here is a list for the AIP diet that you can reference. (link to an AIP list)

Of course with any food plan there are key components you have to fit into your decision and plan. Food allergies, lifestyle and tastes are some of the top considerations. If you are looking at AIP for healing power, which it has a GREAT propensity to do, then you need to proceed with the plan and find ways to work in the above key components. For example, if you are allergic to spinach, that would be off your list. However, one awesome advantage with this protocol is that once your gut is healed, sometimes you are able to add back foods that you were previously unable to eat. If it’s a lifestyle issue and you are too busy to spend hours on food prep you will look for ways to find shortcuts. Buy cut up frozen squash. Buy pre-cut veggies in the deli etc. If you go out to eat a lot, study menus of places you frequent. Talk with the server. They are very open to helping with food allergens. Order simple and plain. If taste is an issue and you just don’t like veggies, well you can still do this, BUT you will NOT receive all the healing powers of nature’s gifts. You can find ways to put more veggies in your food such as my veggie meatloaf or smoothies. However, sometimes trying foods cooked MANY different ways and having an open mind will allow you to discover new ways to eat things you previously didn’t care for.

Having an open mind and being consistent is what is going to yield you the best results. While the AIP is only designed to last for about 6-12 weeks, some people find themselves on the diet for much longer as their healing progresses and some are able to stay on the shorter side of things. The key here is you MUST have an open mind. You MUST be willing to learn and heal your body with the protocol and you MUST be consistent. Eating the protocol sporadically will not heal your gut and in turn will not heal your body and help put your autoimmune disease into remission.

One word of caution. This protocol alone will NOT put your disease into remission. Autoimmune diseases are complicated critters and healing involves MANY steps and consistency. Make sure you are addressing all areas for natural healing power.

****Are you ready to move forward with the AIP protocol or any food plan? Do you need coaching to help you figure out how to fit this into your life? We can chat about ALL the areas we need to address to promote natural healing and living. Go here now set up your discovery coaching session!****

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