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Loving Yourself and Your Autoimmune Disease

As I type this I am experiencing a flare. It’s odd. It feels as though I have a fever. I’m experiencing brain fog. My whole body feels bloated and tight. I have a headache. The symptoms are numerous. However, through this I am finding self-love, caring and forgiveness.

Self-love is a very important part of loving yourself through your autoimmune disease. If you want to find natural healing and peace with this unwanted disease, SELF-LOVE needs to be priority #1! How does this look? It can be many forms for many people, however the first thing you have to tackle is loving yourself enough to know you have an autoimmune disease (or suspect one) and move forward with finding ways to heal naturally. Of course, consulting a medical doctor is definitely something you should do, however most modern medicine doctors are not very knowledgeable about natural healing processes for autoimmune disease nor are they allowed to promote such healing.

Once you have accepted that this disease is a tag-along in your life (sometimes its several diseases), the process to loving it and moving forward out of self-love can begin. What does this disease have to teach you? Is it teaching you to slow down in life? Is it teaching you to learn better nutrition for you and your family? Is it teaching you experience to share with others? There are many lessons and the lessons continue through the experience.

The next step is to look at what your goal is with natural healing. The autoimmune gene will always be there, but that doesn’t mean it can’t go into remission. I have multiple autoimmune diseases and they are all in remission the majority of the time. If your goal is to move into remission, you have to come to terms with loving yourself enough to give yourself that gift. It’s not yet about food, movement, stress management or sleep. It’s about making a choice that you ARE worthy enough. You ARE loved enough. You DESERVE to feel healthy and happy. THIS is why you are moving forward with natural healing. THIS is your goal. THIS is why you have resilience through all the tough times for natural healing, and believe me this is not an easy journey, but a VERY well-worth it journey!

You must acknowledge your goal to feel better and that loving yourself is worth the “trouble” of natural healing. At that point, it no longer becomes trouble but becomes a GIFT to yourself and those you love and care about. Every time you spend hours doing food prep or meditation or yoga. Every time you find yourself spending extra money on healing naturally, whether it be food, coaching or stress relieving techniques such as massage or acupuncture. Every time you miss out on a hockey game, a night with the family or a friend’s birthday celebration. These are gifts of love to yourself to maintain your health and sanity. You must love yourself through the pain to get to the end result- natural healing.

Setbacks are going to happen. You are going to eat gluten, whether knowingly or not. You are going to push yourself too hard and try to do too much. You are going to give in to some social situations and let stress creep its way in. This is another KEY time that you MUST practice self-love. Find forgiveness for what happened and move the HELL on. Staying stagnant in why did I do this or why did I do that will only cause undue stress adding to the flare. Move on out of love and continue to nourish your body with self-love and natural healing. The journey never ends. How you take your journey is a self-love gift!

****Are you ready to move towards natural healing and living? Are you ready to give yourself a gift of self-love? Let’s chat and get you on your journey!

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