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Move the HELL on!

This has been a slogan I have taken up lately and used a lot, well daily really. I find myself getting stuck sometimes in that phase of “this isn’t working, I can’t do this”, wallow, wallow, wallow. Sound familiar? Yeah, me too. It’s ok! Simply, Move the HELL on!

When you eat a bowl of chips, or gluten that makes your guts wrench and sends you on multiple trips to the bathroom. When you skip your workout because you are just too damn tired or the thought of lifting another weight or downward dog makes you want to run the other way at full speed and you HATE running. Move the HELL on! Take that situation, learn from it and Move the HELL on to something that does work. We need to find balance in our lives and sometimes that means straying from our normal every once in a while. Staying stagnant and in a thought process of “I can’t do this” helps no one!

One thing I have noticed about most men, is they do not get stuck in wallowing. In fact they look at us like we are crazy when we do just that. They Move the HELL on and try different things. When something doesn’t work, they simply say “That didn’t work.” and they Move the Hell on! We can take a lesson here from them.

The idea is simple. If you find yourself needing a piece of chocolate or even if you eat the whole bar, recognize what happened – you ate some really tasty chocolate, then Move the HELL on to finding nutritious food that supports your body. When you find yourself wiggling out of your planned workout, notice why you are doing that. Is your body telling you something? Are you not on board with your workout? Then Move the HELL on and listen to your body or adjust the sails so next time this situation won’t arise. And even if it does arise again, it’s ok! We are human. We recognize what happened and Move the HELL on!

Staying stagnant in what you are doing or your thoughts does not produce results. We need to move forward for progress and that means Move the HELL on! Remember what you are trying to accomplish, acknowledge what happened and Move the HELL on towards your goal of health.

If you are tired of being stagnant or caught up in that wallowing of “I can’ts”, MOVE THE HELL ON! Let me help you Move the HELL on and move towards natural healing and living.

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