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Essential Oils are nature’s gift to you! They provide you with the natural healing power that has been used for centuries AND it couldn’t be easier!

#1 Sleep Better!

Did you get enough sleep last night? I hope so! Sleep is truly one of the best things we can do to heal and balance our bodies. When we sleep our bodies do all the behind the scenes work. Like a play, the behind the scenes work is VERY important so we aren’t just walking around playing the part. We have all the music, the props, the sets etc. to make for a good solid show!

Essential oils such as lavender,serenity, cedarwood and vetiver are key to helping shut off a busy brain and can soothe your nervous system and help you sleep better. An easy way to use them is in a diffuser and on the soles of your feet.

#2 Breathe Easier

Whether you are running a marathon, doing yoga, recovering from a respiratory illness, dealing with asthma or tired of listening to snoring all night long, essential oils can help you breathe better! Clinical trials and research have shown that essential oils may be very effective for respiratory problems.

Breathe is a wonderful oil blend that can open up your airways immediately. You can inhale these directly from your hand, rub them on your chest or the bottom of your big toe and find relief. Some other great options are to make compresses or use in a massage oil on your chest or back. Breathe is an especially great oil to include in your nighttime diffuser.

Some of these oils are anti-spasmodic to calm the muscles (think constricting and coughing), anti-bacterial to fight the illness and expectorant which helps you rid your body of the cause of the coughing.

#3 Relax More

Essential oils are especially good friends for relaxation, because they work “holistically”—calming the mind, emotions, and body at once. Relaxation of the body is a large part of allowing the body to heal. This is easy to accomplish with essential oils.

Serenity, balance, lavender, cedarwood and marjoram are a few oils that are known to help calm the body’s nervous system and to allow you to relax more. These are great for diffusing, using on the soles of your feet or even applying to diffuser jewelry and carrying that relaxing oil with you all day long!

Support your liver by removing toxins from your life. Alcohol, toxic beauty products, pesticides, and o daily basis tax the liver and will interfere


If you would like to learn more about how to get essential oils into your life, e-mail me at​ or follow the steps below:

Here are the simple steps to setup your wholesale membership and to receive your enrollment fee for FREE:

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  4. Purchase the Starter Kit you have chosen (I recommend the Home Essentials Kit)

  5. When you purchase the enrollment kit, your $35 enrollment fee is FREE, so it will help save you even more money.

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