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Golden Turmeric Milk - the Drink of Miracle Healing (cold, flu, inflammation, cancer etc.)

Turmeric is fast becoming a well known healing powder in the Western world. Everywhere I look turmeric is out there in some form, radicalizing the health industry. Most of us think of turmeric as a spice from the Middle East and usually has somewhat of a bitter taste. Turmeric comes from South East Asia and has been around for thousands of years. It is from the ginger family and is grown in the form of a root. You may have heard of curcumin, which is a compound of turmeric. Curcumin dates back about 5,000 years. It was a principal healing agent in Ayurveda, and traditional Indian system of medicine, and recognized as a valuable ingredient long before it became popular as a supplement.

Turmeric is known for lots of healing properties. One that might be of special use this time of year is for colds, congestion, flu and sore throats. It is also touted as a depression and anxiety fighter, which is another heavily populated issue in America. There is much research that turmeric aids in reducing inflammation (which is of HUGE benefit to me and probably most of Americans) as well as having anti-oxidant properties. Because of this fact, there are many research studies (I will not bore you with citing them, you can google them if you are interested) on turmeric fighting skin, breast, colon, liver and prostate cancer. This makes turmeric a miracle drug in my opinion!

I have been wanting to consume turmeric, but am on a mission to keep the number of supplements I am taking to a minimum, so what better way than to incorporate it into my diet in some form. Alas, into the picture walks "GOLDEN MILK". It sounds wonderful! It sounds like something you would sip while resting on the clouds of heaven. :)

I gathered all the necessary supplies and began the process. It was really simple and came together quite nicely. This drink gives a healthy dose of turmeric as well as a healthy dose of fat to help the body heal.

The taste is not bitter at all. Its actually not bad. You can add more sweetener to your liking but I would encourage you to watch the amount as too much can assist with inflammation. Its a great thing to sip on a cold afternoon or to help give you a little pick me up in the morning.

I use this site to get lots of wonderfully healthy ingredients very conveniently. Its like a Costco, but many more healthy choices and I don't have to go anywhere! Thrive Market


1 c water

Add the above, except coconut oil, to a small pan and turn on medium heat. Whisk occasionally until a paste forms. When it is a paste that looks like this,

add the coconut oil and whisk until it looks like this.

Store in a jar in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

THE DRINK - this makes 2 servings

When you are ready to drink, add the coconut milk to a pan and bring to lukewarm temperature. Add 1 tsp turmeric paste, cinnamon and honey and whisk until combined. Drink up!

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