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The Revitalization Package

Maintenance Session Package

Reiki Master Practitioner Kim with Awaken Gratitude offers The Revitalization Package, a 4-session package tailored for clients who wish to expand their transformative journey. $280 for 4 sessions, payable at 1st session.

Rock Balancing

Revitalization Package

Maintenance  4-Session Package:

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Internal wellness and balance is often achieved through habit and routine. When clients reach the revitalization stage, they are now more familiar with the impactful nature of Reiki. At this level, we have personal experience to draw from and we recognize the need for an ongoing plan of care.

It is common to discuss personal barriers & challenges that may impact our chakra. We strive to create lasting, consistent benefits by providing information and encouraging the steadfast adoption of behaviors that accentuate the uplifting blessings of Reiki healing.

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