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Reiki Session Packages

At Awaken Gratitude, our Energy Healing Sessions are ultimately guided by your body’s innate wisdom. Reiki, a Japanese spiritual healing technique, paves an enlightened path to health and wellness. It is used to clear vital life-force energy blockages found in the body’s 7 primary chakras.  When Reiki is used with focused intention, it activates the body’s natural ability to restore and generate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, ultimately strengthening the mind/body/soul connection.

Reiki has the extraordinary ability to be both preventative & restorative in nature. While some enjoy occasional therapies as a powerful and effective form of self-care, many concerns and wellness goals require a steadfast commitment & multiple sessions to receive optimal healing benefits. Purchasing a discounted 4-session package is the most cost-effective way to consistently draw your mental, physical and spiritual energies into perfect harmony.

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