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Hi, I’m Kim Juen, health coach 
Welcome to Healthified U!


Through unprocessed, organic food,  intuitive body movement, stress management and essential oils I’ve reversed thyroid disease, IBS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis and more!

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Kim Juen of Awaken Gratitude

Are you struggling with finding the time to prepare healthy meals?

Are you struggling with being obsessed with food?  Have you changed your diet and still you need more healing?  

Here are some things to ponder:

What if its not just about the food?

Brusha Brusha!


I also teach people how to use essential oils to heal naturally
Check out the website and message me at for a FREE oil consult

essential oils

Welcome to Healthified U!

I’m Kim Juen, Health Coach and founder of Healthified U!.  I began my journey towards organic, unprocessed foods when I discovered my quality of life was being affected and autoimmune diseases were compounded by the pesticides, herbicides, hormones, etc. in the foods I was eating as well as stress and other toxins that were present in my life. Through organic, unprocessed food, and other tools our family was able to reverse: thyroid disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, anxiety, and more! No drugs. Just good, natural, real food, intuitive movement, lifestyle management, and essential oils. You can read my full story here.

What Happy Clients are Saying!

    **In 2006, I was in an auto accident.  Two years of recovery, a metal wrist plate, and three surgeries later, my muscle tone was so poor that I couldn’t carry a small basket load of laundry up the stairs without being winded.  In 2009, I met Kim at a workshop and signed up for biweekly sessions.  Today 2017, and many workout sessions later, I can carry three times that amount up the stairs easily.  I’ve lost 45 of my excess 100 pounds, and have gained, not only strength, but also flexibility, balance, stamina, and my lung capacity (asthma).  I still have 55 pounds to lose and a long road to eating even better (my weak area).  But, I have the confidence that I will get there, especially because Kim keeps the routines from getting stale by changing them every 2-3 months and adding challenges as well as provides continued education on nutrition. -- Priscilla

     **Healthified U! has really helped me understand that health starts on the inside!  I am a busy mom with young kids and a job.  I was afraid of the time commitment, but Kim taught me that I have to commit time and resources to myself and my health so I can focus on those other things and have joy and energy to do them.  The time commitment becomes less and less the more you learn and Kim wouldn’t let me quit and it eventually becomes easier. 


Education was such a huge part of my journey and Kim made sure I learned everything I needed to know along the way.  Her commitment to my health and success are incredible!  Once I decided to follow her advice and healthify my body, mind and soul, I was well on my journey!  I also solved and reduced many of my health concerns by healing from the inside and using food to heal.


Healthified U! is definitely a recommendation for anyone that wants to become healthier, from the inside out!  The nutrition, exercise and overall life commitment advice was spot on and made sense.  Now I can continue on my journey and make this a new lifestyle, not a fad that will come and go. -- Lauren

     **I am writing this letter of recommendation for Kim Juen.  Kim is the most motivated individual I know.  I have been a client of Kim’s for four years as my personal trainer.


When Kim sets her mind to anything, she gets it done.  She has a very positive attitude, which is one of her greatest assets.  She has a way with “keeping fit” fun!  I whine alot!


Kim loves working with people and her clients love her too.  She’s very professional and very patient.  Kim has taken in kids that are in Rochester playing hockey with the Ice Hawks, which shows her generosity and kind heart.


 I would definitely consider Kim for your Health and Wellness Coach. -- Cindy

     **When I started with Kim at Healthified U!, I could not even walk ½ block up a hill without stopping to catch my breath, in fact I even hugged a tree at the top of the hill to rest for a bit the first time we walked.  Although I’m not running marathons, I walk frequently now, sometimes twice daily, and include strength and interval training in my exercise program.


Kim has taught me that even though I eat out often, I can make healthy food choices that will nourish my body and help me progress towards my goals.  She has taught me how different types of food affect my body and how to make the proper choices for my lifestyle.


At the beginning of my learning from Healthified U!, I did very little cooking and the cooking I did do was not healthy.  Kim has gone with me to grocery stores and walked me through what to look for on the food labels.  She has taught me how to cook tasty, healthy foods that I enjoy and also helped me find ways to modify my current recipes to be healthier.


Kim also takes the time to listen to me vent about life’s stressors when I feel the need.  She also helps me work through stressful situations in my life so that I can have balance, which is key to a healthy lifestyle.


Kim is very encouraging and holds me accountable, sometimes bringing up things that aren’t always fun to hear.  She also makes sure I am knowledgeable about all of my life choices, which are intertwined, with being healthified.


I have been with Kim and Healthified U! for 4 years.  I would recommend Healthified U! to anyone wanting to make healthy changes in their life. --JoAnne

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