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Client Love Letters


I began seeing Kim for reiki because I knew I needed something different for my healing journey. I am a chiropractor and have always loved trying alternative methods to address health. My health has been good, however, energetically I just felt off. I began something of a spiritual journey a couple of years ago and lately had been feeling stuck.

Since I started working with Kim, she has helped me to open my chakras (they were all pretty closed!) This has allowed me to begin to find balance and I have a greater sense of peace day to day. I see more joy in the small things and find I am able to maintain a greater level of calm in stressful moments, especially with my kids! I have even noticed my husband and I have fewer disputes and have better communication.

I really look forward to my visits with Kim. I especially love how she spends time after each session to discuss what you experienced and to tell you what she saw and felt. It is absolutely an experience you should try!


The last few years have brought some pretty significant trauma - physically, mentally & emotionally. I first learned of Reiki as a compliment to conventional medicine while at the Mayo Clinic. I wanted to make sure I was doing all I could to find healing; I was compelled to begin Reiki treatments from Kim with Awaken Gratitude.

Kim's gentle, compassionate & healing techniques focus on sensing energy blocks. To break through any barriers, she stimulates the flow of energy to facilitate acceptance of our circumstances & experiences. She incorporates crystals & chakra clearing methods to enhance the energic power.

Additionally, Kim promotes deep relaxation during sessions; a feeling of empowerment & well-being follows. In the days, even weeks after, I experience deep gratitude.

I highly recommend Kim with Awaken Gratitude. She's helped me on many occasions to truly understand Reiki as a life force, an electricity that runs through all of us, helping us heal from the inside out.


The universe put Kim in my path several months ago, just when I needed her most (funny how that works!)

I was feeling super stressed, depressed, anxious, and negative-definitely not at my best and probably close to the worst I’ve felt emotionally.  Upon my first visit, my energy was completely chaotic and blocked and pretty dark.  At the end of that visit, I felt lighter, brighter, and relaxed.  Kim unblocked my energy and soothed my soul! 


I’ve gone back every few weeks for the last few months to see her in her lovely studio and will continue to visit her at least monthly for energy “maintenance.”   I definitely feel more grounded, more positive, and much more relaxed.  I highly recommend seeking out Kim Juen for regular Reiki sessions-an hour with her is like an amazing emotional and spiritual massage-you’ll come away with your soul soothed and your spirit restored!


...I felt really calm when I left our session, but the next day was when I really felt it.  It was almost like a weight had been lifted off my entire body, and I felt such balanced light energy... I told my family/extended family about our session and have been giving people your business card... You certainly have a gift in what you do!


Have you ever felt “off”, not yourself, but you can’t figure out why? Tired, in pain, emotional, stressed, confused? There are multiple factors in this crazy busy world that build up and they take their toll on us physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Visiting Kim for Reiki is what helps balance this for me. We talk about how I am feeling, symptoms and recent life events. She listens, is extremely intuitive, understanding and a gifted natural healer. Kim is able to unblock, open up and get positive, healing energy flowing again. I could literally feel my body tingling with my eyes closed and Kim wasn’t even touching me. This facilitation of energy flow heals your mind, body and spirit. It’s incredible, powerful and yet relaxing. Kim has given me tools to use when at home, in between sessions, has connected with me outside of sessions and has been a positive light in my day. Life is too short and precious to be distracted by ailments. Take control of your health, live positively and visit Kim today!

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