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The Awakening Package

Introductory Session Package

Reiki Master Practitioner Kim with Awaken Gratitude offers The Awakening Package, a 4-session package ideal for clients who are new to Reiki’s holistic energy healing. 4 sessions for $280 - total payable upon 1st session.



Awakening Package

Intro 4-Session Package:

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I begin with a ​comprehensive evaluation; this information is used to identify desired outcomes and create personally meaningful sessions. Together, we work to set your intentions so we may embark on your unique journey.

Reiki activates the body’s energy, breaks through the blockages and triggers the healing process. After the barriers are removed, this area fills with higher vibrational energy, paving the way for our true and vibrant self to emerge.

Newcomers to Reiki typically require 4 sessions before they can best evaluate its effectiveness and accurately reflect upon their overall experience.

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